Why I Paint

And what is an acrylic pour anyway?

Nikki Barr


Photo by Ashray Dravidian on Unsplash

I don’t know if anyone would ever describe me as a color inside the lines kind of person, but at times, I can be. Painting a room is always a grand adventure I seek before remembering how much I hate taping. Somewhere in the process I find myself drifting into the fantasy that I won’t get paint on the molding (reality check: I get it on the molding, ceiling, and floor).

Growing up, I was surrounded by art. My mother has done amazing works from drawing to painting, woodworking to cake decorating and from stained glass to metal arts. I’d go as far to say she has made gardening and canning an art form. I was taken to museums from the time I could barely remember. Fun fact: I was taken as a small child to see the exhibit of King Tut at the Detroit Institute of Art but all I remember was seeing Rodin’s The Thinker, which is one of my favorite sculptures to this day.

Like my mom, my brother is an artist in the field of exactness and precision. The closest I’ve come to that is photography. To that end, I often see the world through the frame of composition.

I paint abstracts

Self-Portrait — photo from authors personal collection.

Most specifically, I paint with acrylic paints most of the time — and I have only ever done, despite a college professor trying to get something else out of me, abstracts. Abstract artists are among my favorites out there and I can spend days just studying one piece of work. I like making sense from the chaotic composition that really isn’t as random as it may look. No matter where there is paint on the canvas (or board, etc.) a decision was made by the artist.

In undergrad, I worked on aligning my love of words with my love of art. It would have been a double major, but I wasn’t staying an extra semester to complete an art history class that ran 4-days a week at 8 a.m. At that time, it was clay that I used to bring to life some of my prose and poetry. And oh, what a beautiful time that was covered in clay and water dreaming about words.

There have been “breaks” in art from time to time, but I always came back to painting. It’s been intermixed with exploits into…



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