Wait, what? Thanksgiving is when?

Nikki Barr
3 min readNov 15, 2023

When time travel manifests

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This week, I sat calmly talking to my co-worker about how wonderful she was hosting Thanksgiving and take the week off to take care of herself. I offered that we could move our next 1:1 since she’d be off. She paused for a moment and said, “We don’t need to move it — Thanksgiving is next week, so we are good.”

Panic ran through me. How was this even possible? I have a holiday market the day after Thanksgiving and I was certain I had another week to prep.

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Yep, I lost a week. Now I am starting to understand the grocery store panic of the (mostly) women I see scurrying around an impossibly long shopping list.

I never wanted to be one of those people who pontificates on where the time has gone, but I’m pretty certain I’m close to it. It’s been my solemn belief that time is fluid versus linear so I guess that week has swirled around the drain and I’m sitting on a stack of jewelry, paintings, prints, and other assorted pieces that need to be finished — stat!

Because I’m not ready. This market has been a great learning experience and challenge for me. I already know how I would do things differently next time. Like so many things I’ve ventured into in the past, it has been a lesson that no matter how little or small something seems, the work it entails is Big. Yep, that’s a capital B.

Soup to nuts

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Does anyone even know where that saying comes from, soup to nuts?

And we wonder why I’m behind with distractions like weird sayings I’m resisting the urge to get lost in a Google spiral over.

Upon the inception of this idea I had, I recruited with some success other artists to join me. The marketing, the promotion, the logistics of the event are all me. I’m frantic but loving it. Weird as old-timey sayings, eh?

The market cometh

As of this writing I have one week to finish my wares. I’m close. It’s the promotion that is really kicking in now. But hey, my yard signs came today… so I’ll be one of those people littering the landscape for a few days.

Speaking of promotion, hey, I’m holding a holiday market the day after Thanksgiving… if you are in the greater Philadelphia area, stop on by. You will find the details here.

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