’Twas the weekend before…

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

Was I the only one who thought they would be cruising into the weekend before the holidays ahead of the game only to realize it’s tied in the fourth and your standing on the court with your hands tied behind your back? Judging by the traffic and lines in stores and post office — it seems the answer might just be no.

I spent the better part of Friday night wrapping and packing up gifts to be mailed, and getting holiday cards written to be sent. This was after a trip to the mall and grocery shopping. My goal this weekend is to get as much prepared ahead of Christmas as possible. I don’t want to be out among the crowds during the week and risk getting sick before surgery.

What this all means though, is just that I’ve had to push myself. And, last night was a semi-solid 3 hours of sleep between holidaying and, mostly, increase in my body twitching and twisting in what I can only describe is little electrical charged seizure. It’s something that has been happening since the back issues started, but the intensity and frequency in which it occurred was new. It also comes with a diminished sense of balance, so greater care in not falling.

A friend today said that she forgot that I’m disabled. I had to pause on the word. It was somewhat shocking to see staring at me from my text message. There isn’t really an argument — I am, at this point in time, suffering with a disability. It is more the black and white of it being there in front of me.

Even now, as I’m sitting here writing, I can feel the currents of energy building before they explode and cause my legs and body to move involuntarily. It isn’t really painful, just jarring — and it wakes me up when I’m sleeping.

Tomorrow, there will be cookies, and hanging out in front of our revamped fireplace. Maybe a nice cup of tea and veggie prep… It’s a long short week ahead.

Song of the day: Reboot the misson, The WallFlowers



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