Holy hell, where did I go?

All the good intentions of writing fell asleep

Nikki Barr


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Hello friends. It’s been a good three months since I’ve graced Medium. More accurately, since I’ve written on Medium. There are still days I pop in here to read what’s happening in the worlds of some of my lovely writer friends — even if I don’t leave my mark, I’m still awed by the commitment to telling your stories so eloquently.

Simply put, the last few months found me leaving my job of nearly 18 years and taking on the adventure of a new role in a new company — which has been an amazing opportunity to do the things I do well when it comes to communications and employee engagement. I work with some of the smartest and most authentic people that trust and push me to be better.

If it seems leaving a company after 18 years, of my own choice, is a crazy thing to do — you may be right. There is a comfort in being in the same place, but really — only as long as that place let’s you continue to grow the way you want to. I loved the people I worked with, but I was no longer growing how I needed to. There simply wasn’t room for that anymore. It’s a great company and I have no bad feelings, it was and a huge part of who I am today.

But there are times when growth means risk. And so, I took it.

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Which brings me to the fact that most of my time not writing is spent painting or doing something with the Art League I’m a board member of, or working on my women in leadership certification, or gee, spending time with my partner, friends, and family.

This weekend finds me in my 6th art show/exhibition of the year, and final for 2023. But it also had me up until midnight prepping for my artisan market. It was a goal I set for myself earlier this year, and after the first opportunity fell through, I created my own.

Tattooed, mixed media on ceramic tile. Work and photo property of the author and may not be used without permission.

It will be a small show, but I rented the building, got some other partners in crime on board and we are going to do it. I’ve been working on marketing and actual items to sell. I’m pretty sure my nails will be stained with inks and paint for years to come, and my fingertips glue, varnished, and resin-ed forevermore.

Forevermore. Anyone else think of Poe? Just me? Ok.

Anyway, I’m determined to try to write more again. It’s refreshing and like home.

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