Bombing cyclones

Your guide to WTF weather

Photo by Slawek K on Unsplash

Yes, I know the proper term is ‘bomb cyclone’ but seriously, why? I’m about to go all ‘back in my day’ old for a moment and say, when did we start calling a good old fashioned nor'easter something that sounds like it originated in Star Trek.

Spock, bomb cyclone spotted straight ahead!
Captain, you are simply not being logical.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

One news cast I had on before the east coast was besieged with storm Kenan (also, we are naming winter storms now?) used every weather word they could throw at this storm. All it really did was take me back to SNL clips on YouTube — because Kenan Thompson is the bomb (cyclone). But I seriously heard this storm, imminently about to bury the east coast, described from everything from hurricane to tornado. I was not sure what the hell was going on out there, but there were falling iguana warnings in Florida so I figured it had to be serious. I charged my phone and waited for the white death.

Saturday morning, Joey crawled back into bed saying we had at least a foot of snow. I buried my head under the blanket and wondered if one package of coffee on the Friday morning grocery run would last us until this frosty take over subsided. Eventually, I crawled my way out to make said coffee. I let the cats explore the snow covered back porch and went to get my glasses to assess this foot of snow.

Never trust snow measurements given to you before 8 a.m. by someone half asleep not wearing their glasses. We had about three inches of snow. In a few places it drifted, so a fair 4–5. Still. I realize we fared far better than other places closer to the coast and to the north. This is why I don’t live in Jersey — it’s good to have a buffer.

Still, we did (finally) get to use the snow blower. One of us had a great time operating it while the other took video and pictures for prosperity. Sorry, Philly, the purchase of the snowblower can only hold off the weather for a while — or whatever it is that we are having. I’m still not sure.



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