29 more sleeps

This is how long until my next doctor’s appointment that should remove most restrictions, and the constant wearing of the brace.

Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash

I’ve grown incredible resentful of the brace. It takes with it an emotional and physical tax that can reduce me to tears at the end of any given day. It’s worse on the days where I have little to do or focus on. That was this weekend.

On Thursday, I finally tracked down my letter to return to work. On Friday, I spent the morning talking with my team and just catching up. My accounts were still locked so, it was a short day, but it was really nice to have real conversations. Don’t get me wrong, the cats are very chatty but it’s the same everyday: we are starving to death; toss the fluffy ball, human slave; we want to go out, we want to come in, we want to go out, we want to come in.

With a heavy work weekend for Joey, I sent about my Saturday doing the best I could to keep myself occupied. Caught up on And Just Like That, which I have decided provides the same cotton candy nutrition as Sex and the City used to, but who can resist cotton candy? Oh, and I will probably start re-watching Sex and the City. Painstakingly, I retrieved art supplies from my art room upstairs, which I determined was easier than trying to put back together the space upstairs since it also doubles as a guest room. Plus, the largest container of supplies was already downstairs, never put back from when Katie visited. I started a new book after finally finishing the latest by Brene Brown. I walked to the mailbox twice despite the cold. I took a nap.

It was good to make art. I’d have probably done more than an hour but the dining room table chairs where I was sitting are not kind to my healing body for any extended lengths of time. An hour was pushing me. Perhaps this week I can try different chair options in the short term. I’ve spent the last four weeks collecting an art inspo “board” on my Instagram via collections. It has served me well as I push to find ways of getting my voice with inks and other media.

My greatest joy this weekend, though, was my littlest sister turning seven. SEVEN! No more sleeps there as we celebrated with singing and video chats Saturday morning. She had gotten our gifts on Friday and we drew with gel pens (which were new to her and she loved them — even ordering my mom to get her the glitter ones) and she walked me through all the functions of her smart watch. Her party was Sunday and I waited patiently for updates and pictures of all the little heads bopping around the bowling alley. It was the party she wanted last year but the pandemic stole. It was amazing to see her in those pictures. I only wish I could have been there.

Song of the day: Breaking Point, Jackson+Sellers




Normal human in an extraordinaire world. Memoir / Humor / Just Life

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Nikki Barr

Nikki Barr

Normal human in an extraordinaire world. Memoir / Humor / Just Life

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